Getting Involved

The Qbit is an open source system built largely by volunteers. 

  • Software Developers - If you are a software developer, there are many projects that you can give your time and efforts to that will advance the Qbit effort. 
  • Money Experts - If you're experienced with finance or economics, we welcome your input on the best ways to manage and advance the Qbit in the market.
  • Miners - The Qbit system allows mining for the first 100 million Qbits. In order to make the system work properly, the Qbit Federation is premining about half of that and the Qbit system itself will take ownership of it and keep it in escrow. This is absolutely necessary as the system must have reserves to handle sudden increases and decreases in value. But it leaves about 50 million Qbits for miners to mine for themselves.
  • Stakers - Qbit holders can buy tokens called Qgerands (pronounced QUE-ger-rand). Qgerand holders can use a process called staking to stake their Qgerands. They will earn a small (approximately 1%-3%) return on their investment annually.
  • Hosts - The system needs computers that will host the entire blockchain. Anyone with enough data storage capacity and a computer that is always on can host the blockchain. Hosts will receive regular payments of Qbits for their contribution.
  • Reporters - The Qbit system needs feedback to maintain a steady value. As we move forward, we will be asking people to contribute price information on the commodities in the Qbit system's commodities basket. Reporters can receive regular rewards for their efforts. Of course, their privacy is completely protected as the Qbit system has no way to gather any personal information about its users.


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