The Qbit in Detail

Here’s how it all works.

The Qbit System in Action

This series of articles shows the impact of the Qbit system.

The Qbit System in Action

The Elimination of Inflation

Private Online Transactions

Private In-Person Transactions

Easy Multicurrency Transactions

Private and Safe Storage of Qbits

Enfranchising Developing Nations in the Global Market

In-Game Currency

Incentivizing Purchases

Ad-Hoc Resource Contributions

Using the Qbit System

In this series of articles, you’ll see how to use the Qbit in your everyday life.

Using the Qbit System

Obtaining Qbits

Spending Qbits: Example 1

Spending Qbits: Example 2

Spending Qbits: Example 3

Spending Qbits: Example 4

Spending Qbits: Example 5

Qbits Expand Economic Horizons

A Deep Dive into the Qbit System

This is where "the rubber hits the road” as the old saying goes. In this series of articles, you’ll get an in-depth look at how the Qbit system operates.

A Deep Dive into the Qbit System

Bitcoin Paves the Way

The Limitations of Bitcoin

Qbits Defeat Inflation and Deflation

Distributed Currency Exchange

Mining Produces Qbits

Staking Produces Qbits

Hosting the Blockchain Produces Qbits

Customers Use “Lite” Wallets

Smart Contracts: The Big Bang

Smart contracts will change nearly every aspect of our civilization. This series explains how and why.

Smart Contracts: The Big Bang

How Do Smart Contracts Work?

Cheap Wi-Fi through Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts: Turning Roads into into Communications Conduits

Smart Contracts: Of Roads, Power Companies, and Internet Access

Smart Roads and the Free Market

Smart Roads Pave the Way to Clean Energy

Smart Contracts, Microlending, and Microinvesting

Smart Contracts and the Democratization of Lending

Smart Contracts and the Democratization of Insurance

Smart Contracts, Microlending, and Venture Capital

Using Smart Contracts to Build Economic Infrastructure

Smart Contracts, Transparency, and Anonymity

Smart Contracts and Ad Hoc Resource Contributions

Smart Contracts and Prediction Markets

Side Chains: Blockchains Everywhere

You can create custom systems based on Qbit technology that solve monetary problems, reduce the size and complexity of government, and enable you to build businesses that are not possible now.

What are Side Chains?

Pegged Side Chains

Interoperable Side Chains

Side Chains and Government Transparency

Side Chains and Identification

Side Chains and Common Public Records

Side Chains, Copyrights, Notarization, and Patents

Side Chains and History

Side Chains and Company Transparency

Side Chains, Smart Contracts, and Selling Digital Content

Side Chains and Data Protection

Side Chains and Private Data Storage

Using Side Chains, Smart Contracts, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Side Chains and Code

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